Stand Up Paddle (Sup)

Stand Up Paddle (paddle surfing)

Who find?

 Perhaps the first people who dared enter the water were the first paddle surfers. The first obstacle floating wetlands have exceeded a long stick … But come on top of a wood comes from the birth of the wave surf sports training. Group lessons instructors in a “long board” on explaining the subject to stand up and take a hand in the direction they were giving support to shovel or the like sticks in their hands. Also students to pursue these solutions, it served to stick around in plain water. Then this primitive technique used to shape the course began with a few firms purpose-oriented design. And buuummmm? Paddle surfing in the first year has brought great sound.Because everyone standing on the water, jump, he dreamed of walking. It will never do anything to walk around or take the paddle, not from where you sit to see the standing water, be able to select the bottom of the water cleare,better view of the horizon you connected to the people paddle surfing

Where-How to Make?

Here’s the big secret of this fast spread of the paddle surfing. You can do everywhere with water. Seas, lakes,streams, rivers, marshes … When the wind is not what I need something else. Therefore, wind, kite and wave surfers spend time with wind or wave when no longer take over the running of sightseeing SUP board with the breath of manpower or simply working condition.

Throw away your Borduin water. Come out on top longer unilaterally start to dip slowly pull your shovel into thewater. The first few minutes will be a confusion about balance, but the body just gets used. Bourdin open legs shoulder width standing at a point near the center and very light breaking the knees will allow you to provide better balance. Actually see a shovel in your hand cane task. You can stop the resistance while taking the supportyou create more comfortable standing. The most important detail selection board right here. Most balanced board is the largest. Start a sizeable boardl do not want to fall into this water frequently. Make sure that your paddle when choosing the height of 30-40 cm long. You do not have the possibility of a water balance falling flat once you have mastered. Even as a wandering, you can come out of your wet clothes boarda.

Currently not very common in both training consists of both the tour began regulating the guys and gals at various centers in Turkey. I take support from one who knows, let’s get technical I commanded you also get proper rowing together. Flat water long distance techniques, we are ready to share all our expertise to the river crossinYou can find the necessary information in address.

Benefits of Rowing Surfing

 Instant happiness and pleasures conditions that probably gripping our daily lives. Therefore, an ordinary day with such simple but impressive coloring activity will provide both spiritually and physically a certain benefit.The results of recent research on the physical benefits can make a summary as follows: It stands on each paddle release and those of your jaw up your toes to the balance factor that works all your muscles. Perhaps, after th first half hour paddle surf session even know existed in your body you will find that you are unaware of your muscles.

 Paddle surfing in aerobic and anaerobic training is now often used to work. In addition, a variety of stretchingexercises done on board rapidly increasing. Ponds with even created class began to be sold in this exercise program.

 Let’s look to enjoy all these benefits beyond the physical side of the business. The most common use of paddle surfing is surfing the straight or slightly wavy waters. The wavelength of the wave grows, you can switch to small surf. You empty your kite in the air you can visit on a little windy out. A lot of people started to push thelimits in rivers but believe gliding serenely with a nice air flowing down a river paddle surfing, even if we are more than enough for ordinary users.

 Now carry new items with new accessories on the board even go fishing possible. Rowing machine from one hand to probe the back as you advance, especially if it can pull a fish hit the sport more exciting that this new plug-ins.

 It was to create opportunities for yourself, stand up and pull the oars!