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Kiteboard  AKYAKA- GOKOVA  is one of the Turkey’s biggest kiteboarding schools.  Taking advantage of some of the best conditions in Turkey, our aim is to offer unrivalled standards of tuition and service, using the most up to date equipment available, together with an instructor team of the highest calibre. All kiteboarding courses are taught by […]

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Paragliding Sakar include the right of a watchtower on top of the 950 meters in height. This tower is located next to the runway is used for take off by paragliding enthusiasts. October, November, April and May, the wind is at least several months and gave joy of thermals. An organization that does not have […]

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Sea Kayak

Sea Kayak What do you think of the history-filled turquoise shores of Gokova or Akyaka romp for a ride. Sea kayaking trips made with the clear water just above one of the activities involving sure every visitor coming to Akyaka. Day trips outside the Bodrum-Datça-Akyaka triangle 3-5-7 day tours are organized in different routes. Even […]

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Windsurfing – Windsurf  It is closed to all motorized water sports put to provide a safe venue for surfçü . The surfers of all levels will enjoy much air is available from May to November . Off part very safe place for beginners . The school specializes in training small .  From the age of […]

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Stand Up Paddle (Sup)

Stand Up Paddle (paddle surfing) Who find?  Perhaps the first people who dared enter the water were the first paddle surfers. The first obstacle floating wetlands have exceeded a long stick … But come on top of a wood comes from the birth of the wave surf sports training. Group lessons instructors in a “long […]

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Sailing Between the months of May to November , and strong winds blowing hard the exclusive pleasure sailing in Akyaka is cool . Both receive training in various sizes with laser union able to participate in the school day tour of Gokova . One that I think, 3000 years ago, still sailing from here on […]

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River Trip

River Trip Azmak River Tour A delightful half day cruise spent on the inland waters and seas around Akyaka. It provides a completely leisurely time to just sit back and enjoy the views. All aboard and heading downstream the river displays a wealth of fish and habitat which exist in its clear crystal waters. Meandering […]

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River Boat Trip With Breakfast

River Boat Trip With Breakfast  The main river boat excursion is a half day trip including breakfast (although dusk, and probably other on demand trips are available).  The boats used are fairly small river boats, and have a capacity of about 10 people – you can squeeze more in but it could get tight, and […]

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Daily Boat Tours

Daily Boat Tours A wonderfully lazy day spent meandering around the beautiful Bay of Gokova.  Anchor’s up and as we gradually cruise away from Akyaka’s small harbour, the scenes on shore, the characteristic red-roofed houses of the village set within this natural and outstanding setting slowly disappear from view.  Aboard our traditional Turkish gulet, it’s […]

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Walking  Clumsy akyaka leaning on the steep slopes of the foothills of the spring to the fertile plains of Gokova . Offering a variety of lovers can spend a week packed full of interesting hiking trails from each other Akyaka most beautiful seasons of April and May.

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Bike Tours

Bike Tours  AKYAKA-GOKOVA offers half or full day, multi-day and customized bike tours & holidays. We do tours for every ability level from the first time leisure rider to advanced single track rider.

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Rock Climbing & Canyoning

 Rock Climbing & Canyoning  It is time to get wet, first waterslide into the turqoise pool and you’re in there… No experience is needed for this tour in Toparlar Canyon (35km to Akyaka). It is kids’ favourite tour as they like to jump, jump and jump. You’ll be jumping little waterfalls and abseiling 3-4 different spots, swimming […]

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Birth Watching

Birth Watching  In Akyaka you will find a great variety of Birds. They live in the mountains, in the forest, at sea-side and mostly at the muddy places.

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Rafting – River Kayak

Rafting – River Kayak Akyaka 45 km from the excitement of the Dalaman River rafting day you catch enough troops to join a tour of service in the morning at 9 . When you return to 6pm in Akyaka yourself what you will not believe even experienced that day. Tours conducted every day from May […]

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Horse Riding

Horse Riding  2 horse farm near Akyaka riding lovers are attracted by the opportunities offered . Large manejlar and forest trails can respond to all requests of this sport lovers.

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Akbuk Bay

Akbuk Bay When the path to be followed sycamore Sheep able to reach 17 km after the Akbuk Bay. Sparkling still wanting to swim in the sea , cove ideal for those looking for a little change …

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